Our owners are involved in every aspect of the gym. They are passionate about creating a safe and family friendly atmosphere where everyone can learn mixed martial arts.

Our instructors are skilled and prepared to train students with the realization of the effort that it takes to become a self confident individual in the world of mixed martial arts. They will help you reach your goals whether it is for a consistent workout routine, weight loss, self-confidence, or competing in tournaments.


Holli Leblanc

Holli is an Owner, Kickboxing, Fitness, & Yoga Instructor.

I love that mixed martial arts brings families together. My husband and son train together and me and my daughter train together. We are all here putting in work and growing individually, along side each other. In addition, the relationships with other people in the gym creates a family atmosphere. We support, encourage, and make each other better.

My absolute favorite place is being on a tropical beach with friends or family. As long as the water is clear and the sun is shining, everything is right in my world.

There is nothing more rewarding than watching the growth of students. To see them gain self-confidence, challenge themselves, and reach their goals is something I am grateful I can help them accomplish.

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Owner/Advanced jiujitsu Instructor

Jared Leblanc

  • Brown belt
  • Father of 3
  • Son trains jiujitsu
  • 2018 Masters world champion lightweight blue belt
  • 2019 Pan American Champion lightweight purple belt
  • Former amateur cage fighter
  • Well versed in wrestling training
  • Well versed in kickboxing and muay thai
  • Head adults jiujitsu coach
  • 2021 Pan American NoGi lightweight Champion Brown Belt

We asked Jared-

– What do you love about the martial arts? Training with my son
–  What has been your most proud martial arts moment? Winning two IBJJF gold medals
–  Who Inspires you? My Dad, as he taught me strong working skills

  • Share your favorite moment working in martial arts or with a student?

Every time someone thanks me for taking the time to help them progress is an amazing feeling. 


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Kickboxing Instructor

Minda Spoone

Minda- started training Kickboxing/Muay Thai in 1998 in Boston, one of the women in her office was going to try a San Shou (Chinese Kickboxing) class and asked if she wanted to go. Minda has been training off and on in kickboxing since then. The biggest challenge Minda has encountered in her training has been being stereo-typed and underestimated. That happened initially when she started in kickboxing, but that changed when she won her first fight by TKO. Minda still finds that many people underestimate her, but now she uses it to her advantage!

Minda loves empowering others through Muay Thai. “I think so many people, especially women, are much more powerful than they believe and I love helping them find their inner fighter.” Minda has been lucky enough in her personal and professional life to have amazing people that have supported her and helped her grow in all aspects of her life. Her goal is to give back and support others in their journey, both the struggles and the victories.

People might be surprised to learn that one summer in college, Minda worked at a traveling zoo and had the opportunity to raise a 5 week-old Siberian tiger cub.

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BJJ Instructor

Wade Hunsinger

Blue Belt

Wade started learning grappling in middle when he wrestled and continued into high school. He was first introduced to jiu jitsu in the Army and trained the combatives, but his journey really accelerated when he started training as a civilian. Wade has trained with several professors, but has truly found his home on the Carlson Gracie team and has a passion for giving back to his community. He loves coaching the kids classes, and getting to continue growing by training with the team at Elite Martial Arts, & Fitness.

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Jared Haymon

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt

Training Martial Arts in Castle Rock for 10+ years

2 Time Fight to Win Teen Competitor of the Year

Multiple Time Fight to Win Nationals Teen Absolute Champion

Multiple Time Fight to Win Colorado State Teen Absolute Champion

My goal is to help my team get better, as I work to better myself.

Favorite quote. : Do or do not, there is no try. ~ Master Yoda

If you could visit anywhere in the world you’ve never been, where would you go? : Rio De Janeiro, to Train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Share your favorite moment working with a student in martial arts: My favorite moment working with a student in martial arts was when one of my students used a technique, that I had just taught him, on me when we were rolling.

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